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Creative Method is a manufacturer of Electrostatic Powder Coating Systems used for the deposition of slot Insulation Powder in DC Motor Armature and Stator cores. CM provides light systems for lab work, to higher volume systems.

Capable and successful! CM’s Coating Systems are used today by OEMs for motor parts in Medical, Automotive, Commercial, Military, and Aerospace. Motors that are used for Servos, Pumps, Fans, Centrifuge, Actuators, and more.

With our decades of experiance with electrostatic fluidized coating process for insulation, Creative Method provides a high level of service and quality.

Electrostatically applied coating provides significant advantages over other conventional insulation processes:
  • Allowing for selective powder removal before curing.
  • Deep slot coverage.
  • Greatly improves winding ability than from paper liners.
  • Very versatile over a wide range of sizes and shapes of parts.
  • Well suited for skewed stack assemblies.
  • Does not require pre-heating parts for applying the powder that is required in other coating processes.

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Creative Method can sample your parts for your evaluation, normally with fast turn around.

Coating systems are available for manual and semi-automatic operation.

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    ©2024 Creative Method LLC. All Rights Reserved.